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Can you recognise ‘Fake News’? Do you believe everything you see and read on the Internet?

You can improve your Critical Digital Literacy, and that of your learners, with our No Alternative Facts Platform.   The Platform is designed for trainers, educators and tutors who want to tackle the topic of 'Fake News' in an innovative and playful way with their learners.  It offers a wide range of teaching and learning resources divided into three sections:

The No Alternative Facts Gamification Environment:This is the place where you can invent your own fake messages and challenge your fellow players to discover them in a quiz.  ... and your fake messages should be convincing - because the other players can rate them. It's all about who can most convincingly fake the news - without being unmasked by the other players. This not only promotes media competence and a better understanding of how ‘Fake News’ is created, but also encourages peer-to-peer learning.

The No Alternative Facts Toolbox of Resources:The toolbox provides a wide range of tools and websites that can be used to detect ‘Fake News’ or check whether an image or message is true or modified.

The No Alternative Facts Modular Learning Programme:The learning programme aims to make you well equipped to train critical digital literacy among adult learners. It also presents the various responses to ‘Fake News’ in a European context, which gives you the opportunity to address both national and international initiatives to combat the creation and distribution of ‘Fake News’.

The Learning Programme consists of the three following modules:

Module 1: Fake News and Disinformation in Digital Technology: This module introduces you to the different categories of false information and the possible intentions and gains from sharing false information.

Module 2: Tackling Fake News:This module explores the topics of Critical Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills, and is intended to present the learners with the skills and tools necessary to discover Disinformation.

Module 3: The Gamified Platform and Quiz-based Learning: This modules introduces the gamified platform and provides information on the principles and benefits of quiz-based and peer-to-peer learning.