Young lady using virtual reality

Our Approach

It is widely agreed that competence development processes that include action-oriented methods are most effective in developing critical thinking skills. The young adults participating in our project will be encouraged to describe their own experience of ‘Fake News’ in the internet in small videos and other multimedia formats and place them on an online gamification environment. After analysing their experiences, the young people themselves will develop learning quizzes to test peers about their knowledge of fake news and how they can be detected.

The train-the-trainer offer for adult educators will contain the following elements:

  • Awareness and basic knowledge about fake news and about tools to detect them (watch websites, analytical methodologies etc.)
  • Insight how fake news can be spread and manipulated in social media
  • Introduction to game-based learning and quiz-based learning as methodologies for competence development and empowerment
  • Practical tools for media and quiz production in the classroom
  • Championing the value of gaining work experiences in other countries in order to improve intercultural understanding, language skills and engender more active participation in European society.

In terms of concrete products “No Alternative Facts” will develop

  • A Situational Analysis Report on how young people experience fake news
  • A Train-the-Trainer Format for adult educators
  • A Toolbox for Adult Educators
  • An Online Gamification Environment
  • A Trainer’s Guide

“No Alternative Facts” will be put into practice with 18 adult educators, who will pilot the approach with young people. At least 250 young people will be directly involved in the project.

The main outputs will be continued to be offered online after the end of the project and designed in a way which makes it easy for adult educators to apply “No alternative facts” trainings in different adult education contexts.

The partnership is led by Apricot Training Management, UK with experienced adult education providers from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden and Denmark as project partners.