You can quickly see from the coverage of the ‘Momo’ story from the BBC how something can quickly gain momentum and credibility even with what we might normally perceive as credible news sources. It’s a great example of how we should all apply critical thinking when presented with information before perhaps hitting the share, like and engagement buttons on our favourite social media platforms and in fact enabling the spread of misinformation.

Description from the BBC:

Momo, a character with bulging eyes, supposedly sets children dangerous challenges – but it’s a hoax. You can subscribe to the BBC channel here:

A flurry of scare stories about children being put in danger by the ‘Momo Challenge’ has spread online – but fact checkers say it’s a hoax. What does this latest viral panic tell us about fears about online safety and fake news? In the studio, Emily Maitlis is joined by journalist Amelia Tait and Mumsnet’s Rowan Davies. BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme Newsnight takes a look with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

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